SMART stands for Softball Mask Awareness and Rule Team. We are an Ohio-based group of fast pitch coaches, parents and fans dedicated to preventing of facial and head injuries through the wearing of defensive face masks.

It is our goal to promote the wearing of these masks directly to the players themselves through social media outreach, to the parents and to the coaches as well. We will be creating pledge drives to ask the players to make a pledge that they will wear a face mask when playing softball. We also intend to lobby on behalf of the players to the various governing bodies to encourage them to adopt rule changes requiring the use of these masks. We would like to see, at a minimum, rule changes requiring wearing of these masks by the pitchers, and the first and third basemen, since those are the players who are the closest to the batter, thus have the least amount of reaction time and protection. We are in favor of these masks being worn by the entire infield, but at a minimum, our belief is that the rules should that require the three position mentioned above are protected with face masks. We will work to help dispel the myths around face masks, to help the older (high school age) players understand that these are acceptable by college coaches today. We will be conducting surveys to help understand why the girls who do not wear one of these masks today choose not to do so. We intend to work alongside other organizations to promote safety as well as improved play. Every week during the school and summer fast pitch seasons, we hear at least one story about a player who is severely injured, some are PERMANENTLY injured, from a ball that was hit. Every single week! This is preventable. We believe, that if we can carry this message out to the thousands of girls who play fast pitch softball, that if we only prevent ONE of these injuries...if instead of a broken orbital bone, broken nose and three missing teeth, that the player can post a picture of a bent face mask instead, then our efforts have definitely proved worthwhile. But, we think we can save more than one! We can save hundreds, or maybe thousands of injuries.

These players are SMART

We need YOUR support. Our message will only help save injuries if it is spread. We would greatly appreciate it if you would like and share our page. It only takes two seconds, and you can help us spread the word that wearing a face mask is not only SMART...it will help prevent an injury that otherwise not have been prevented.

Thank you for visiting our site. Please feel free to share a story you know about a player who was spared an injury because she wore a mask, or a story about a player who was injured and was not wearing one. We want to share the brutal, ugly truth about these (very) affordable pieces of equipment that should be as standard as the batting helmet! Please feel free to share your pictures with us as well. We will post them on our Facebook page.

Thank you again.

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